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Monday, January 2, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hello there!

Haha gila apa aku ni setahun sekali update blog?

Tak apalah i don't even know ada ke yang give a damn dekat blog bodo ni but who cares anyway hahahahahahaha wth you are doing Fathin its already 2017 so you should slow down your random punchline hahaha yakinyehhhhhhhhhhh


My 2017 resolutions are as listed below :

1. To grad on time with a good pointer. I need your pray for ths resolution gais im currently in my           final examination month so yeah mohon doakan!
2. Get a good job to give back to my parents, buy my own house (oh wow) and yeah PTPTN too!
3. Start my Master studies kalau diizinkan Ilahi, Inshaa Allah!
4. Start my first house saving. Oh double wow here lels
5. Own dUCK planner and at least one LE scarf (kahkahkahkah)
6. Get my official license before my L license expires this year!!!

Ini je kot setakat ni? Doakan yeeee para pembaca (if there any) kahkahkah



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